FOOD. The way it energizes us, makes us strong; the way it brings people together, forms friendships, bonds, and community; the way it gives us a creative outlet, lets us combine flavours and textures to make delicious meals. Food is what inspired us. We want food to be easily accessible for everyone. We’re doing it by contributing a cart to The Stop Night Market, allowing companies to use it to share and showcase their food or wine to raise money and awareness for the Stop’s vision and mission. We didn’t just want to design any cart. We wanted to make sure it was memorable. So we followed 3 basic design principles: sustainability, efficiency and purity. SUSTAINABILITY Our design allows for re-usability and will be constructed with reclaimed raw materials that are easy to find and inexpensive. We accomplished this by using reclaimed barn wood, and similar materials EFFICIENCY We developed a design that can be easily set-up and transportable. We did this by creating a simple foldable structure using hinges and simple planes. PURITY We established a design that emphasizes the reused materials, exposing all of the imperfections that give a material character. RAW.

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